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Delaware CLE Requirements for Attorneys

Everything you need to know about the Delaware CLE rules and requirements.

Delaware MCLE Requirements Overview

Credit Requirements

  • Total Credits: 24 credit hours every 2 years
    • At least 4 hours in Advanced Ethics

  • 12 credits can be On-Demand or Live Webinars. 12 credits must be Live In-Person

  • All Courses on SproutEd are approved for Live Webinar or On-Demand Credit in Delaware

Compliance & Reporting

  • CLE Deadline: December 31st

  • Reporting Deadline: March 31st

  • Reporting Procedure: SproutEd Reports your attendance and credit to the Delaware Commission on CLE within 30 days of course completion

  • Compliance Procedure: Attorney transcripts are available to review on the Commission on CLE website beginning February 1st. Attorneys must review the transcripts and certify compliance by logging into their member portal on the Commission website.

Additional Info

  • Carryover Credit:  20 credits may be carried over into the next reporting period, Ethics credits can be carried over as General CLE credits

  • 12 credit hours may be completed online, 12 credit hours must be completed in person

  • All courses on SproutEd are approved for credit in Delaware

DE CLE Requirements FAQs

Attorneys within their first 4 years of practice after being admitted in Delaware.

Total Credits: 24 credit hours every 2 years:

  • At least 4 hours in Advanced Ethics

Additionally, newly admitted attorneys must complete the following Fundamental Courses within their first 4 years of admission:

  1. Fundamentals of Lawyer-Client Relations
  2. Fundamentals of Family Law
  3. Fundamentals of Real Estate
  4. Fundamentals of Civil Litigation
  5. Fundamentals of Will Drafting and Estate Administration
  6. Fundamentals of Law Practice Management and Technology
  7. Fundamentals of Criminal Law and Procedure

Attorneys can complete 12 credits on SproutEd per reporting period. All of SproutEd’s courses are approved for credit in Delaware.

Commission on Continuing Legal Education of the Supreme Court of Delaware:
405 N King Street, Suite 420
Wilmington DE 19801
(302) 651-3941

Delaware State Bar Association:
704 North King Street
Suite 110
Wilmington, DE 19801

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