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Georgia CLE Requirements for Attorneys

Everything you need to know about the Georgia CLE rules and requirements.

Georgia MCLE Requirements Overview

Credit Requirements

  • Total Credits: 12 credit hours per year
    • At least 1 hour in Ethics
    • At least 1 hour in Professionalism
    • At least 3 hours in Trial Skills (only for attorneys who try cases in Georgia)

  • Credit Format: All 12 credits can be On-Demand or Live Webinar courses

  • All Courses on SproutEd are approved for credit in Georgia

Compliance & Reporting

  • CLE Deadline: December 31st

  • Reporting Deadline: January 31st

  • Reporting Procedure:  SproutEd Reports your attendance and credit to the State Bar of Georgia’s Commission on Continuing Legal Competency (CCLC) within 30 days of each course

  • Compliance Procedure:  At the end of each year the CCLC will send an Annual Report to all Georgia attorneys containing a record of all CLE attendance.  Attorneys have until January 31st to submit any corrections of the CCLC

Additional Info

  • Carryover Credit:  The following credits can be carried over in to the next reporting period:
    • 12 General
    • 2 Ethics
    • 2 Professionalism
    • 3 Trial Skills

  • All credit hours may be completed online

  • All courses on SproutEd are approved for credit in Georgia

GA CLE Requirements FAQs

Attorneys are newly admitted from their admission date through the end of the following calendar year. 

Newly admitted attorneys must complete the State Bar of Georgia Transition Into Law Practice Program (TILLP) by December 31st of the first full calendar year after they are admitted.  Completion of the TILLP satisfies the Georgia CLE requirements for both the year of admission and the following year. 

Attorneys can complete all 12 credits on SproutEd.  All of SproutEd’s courses are approved for credit in Georgia.

State Bar of Georgia:
104 Marietta St. NW
Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30303

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