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Idaho CLE Requirements for Attorneys

Everything you need to know about the Idaho CLE rules and requirements.

Idaho MCLE Requirements Overview

Credit Requirements

  • Total Credits: 30 credit hours every 3 years
    • At least 3 hours in Ethics

  • Credit Format: 15 credits must be Live Webinar courses; 15 credits can be On-Demand or Live Webinar courses

  • All Courses on SproutEd are approved for credit in Idaho

Compliance & Reporting

  • CLE Deadline: December 31st

  • Reporting Deadline: February 1st

  • Reporting Procedure:  SproutEd Reports your attendance and credit to the Idaho State Bar within 30 days of each course.

  • Compliance Procedure: At the end of each reporting period, The Idaho State Bar will send a form that includes all courses completed during the reporting period.  The attorney must certify compliance by completing the form and returning it to the Idaho State bar.

Additional Info

  • Carryover Credit: No credits may be carried over to the next reporting period

  • All credit hours may be completed online

  • All courses on SproutEd are approved for credit in Idaho

ID CLE Requirements FAQs

Attorneys who have been admitted to practice in Idaho for less than one year.

Total Credits: 30 credit hours every 3 years

Newly admitted attorneys must complete 10 credits of New Admittee Credit-Approved CLE, including 4 courses in Ethics within 1 year of admission to the Bar.

Attorneys can complete all 30 credits on SproutEd.  All of SproutEd’s courses are approved for credit in Idaho.

Idaho State Bar’s Contact Information:
Idaho State Bar

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