South Carolina CLE Requirements for Attorneys

Everything you need to know about the South Carolina CLE rules and requirements.

South Carolina MCLE Requirements Overview

Credit Requirements

  • Total Credits: 14 credit hours per year
    • At least 2 hours in Ethics
    • At least 1 hour in Mental Health and Substance Abuse (every 2 years)

  • Credit Format: 6 credits must be Live In-Person, 8 credits can be from Live Webcasts or On Demand courses

  • All Courses on SproutEd are approved for credit in South Carolina

Compliance & Reporting

  • CLE Deadline: February 28th (February 29th on leap years)

  • Reporting Deadline: March 1st

  • Reporting Procedure: SproutEd reports your attendance and credit to the South Carolina Commission on CLE and Specialization within 30 days of completion

  • Compliance Procedure: The Commission will mail an annual report of compliance to each attorney in January, which must be completed and filed by March 1st

Additional Info

  • Carryover Credit: 14 credits, including 2 in Ethics, excluding Mental Health and Substance Abuse, may be carried forward to the next reporting period. Alternative Delivery Format courses may not be carried forward. 

  • All courses on SproutEd are approved for credit in South Carolina

  • All courses may be completed online with SproutEd

SC CLE Requirements FAQs

South Carolina does not distinguish newly admitted attorneys for CLE purposes.

Newly admitted attorneys are subject to the same CLE requirements as all attorneys.

Attorneys can complete 8 credits online with SproutEd. All of SproutEd’s courses are approved for credit in South Carolina. 

State CLE Contact Info:
South Carolina Commission on CLE and Specialization
P.O. Box 2138
Columbia, SC 29202


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